Study for the IELTS

Coaching in Standard Neutral (British) English to suit all speakers.

Forget those simple ‘repeat after me’ programs where you give it a try and ‘hope for the best’. Time-Online is designed for committed students as it aims to bring about REAL change in English clarity and accent.

  • Professional level training at your own pace
  • Bring about real accent and pronunciation change
  • Certificate of Participation for your records

You get to use

  • Many hours of Masterclass Videos demonstrating how each sound is made with tips for ‘getting it right’
  • Our large library of ‘listen-and-repeat’ audio exercise materials
  • Study sounds selected for your accent. Choose from over 30 Typical Error Lists of sound errors for different accents
  • Or, custom-design your own course using our sound Screening Test

A course will teach you how to ‘soften’ your accent and increase your overall speech clarity. Clear word pronunciation is a key element in making spoken English ‘sound’ more competent than it actually is. This extra help can make all the difference to your test results.

On top of this, you are sure to speak more confidently on the day knowing that you are pronouncing your words clearly and correctly.

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