Accent Training for Regional English Pronunciation

Designed and tutored by professional speech pathologist Alison Kimble.
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Courses are completed entirely online through self-study at your own pace
For adults and teenagers (14+)
Trains towards Standard Neutral English
British based (not American) pronunciation. LEARN MORE

Is This You?

  • English is your native language
  • You are self-conscious about your speech in IRL or Zoom meetings
  • Your major concern is to ‘soften’ overall accent into a more neutral version of what it is
  • Speech clarity is of no particular concern but any improvement is welcome
  • You want a professional tutor and a course you can custom-design for your own speech pattern

If this is you, a Time-Online course for accent change is the answer. Your course will include study on speech clarity as well.

If your only goal is to speak more clearly,
go to Modern Elocution.

A Flexible Course To
Suit Your Needs

Forget general courses that give all students the same speech sounds to study. Every accent has a different set of problem sounds. Why waste time studying sounds you can already make?

With Time-Online, you may custom-design a course for your own individual accent if you wish. Or, decide to keep it simple.

Choose the method that suits you best:

  1. Keep it simple with a Typical Error List
    • Select from over 40 accents and clarity concerns
  2. Identify your own personal errors with the short Screening Test
    • tailor your course to study the exact sounds YOU need
  3. Pick your study sounds at random
    • perfect if you already know the sounds you wish to study

You’ll be guided every step of the way. The masterclass videos and audio exercises will focus on the sounds you need to study.

Choose A Short Or Long Course

Foundation Course - 5 sounds

Recommended study time is 3+ weeks with access for 6 months

The focus here is on English CLARITY. This will suit you if:

  • Your main concern is being understood clearly; you only want to ‘soften’ a few broadly accented sounds
  • You have no special wish to change overall accent
AU $49 50% Off AU$25

Expert Course - 15 sounds

Recommended study time is 8+ weeks with access for 6 months

The focus here is on English CLARITY and/or overall ACCENT CHANGE. This will suit you if your aim is:

  • Pronunciation that will be clearly understood; you wish to ‘soften’ your overall accent and enhance your use of speech melody
  • An accent that is polished and ‘easy on the ear’
AU $148 50% Off AU$74

Succeed With The ClearSpeak Method

The Method uses professional speech change techniques to give you the best chance of an expert result. Often referred to as the ‘Pilates’ of pronunciation change, this unique training method is a leader in its field. You’re sure to find the techniques simple to follow and fun to use.

You don’t stop at training individual sounds. It trains you to create a ‘whole’ accent so you can speak fluently at length. This is a key difference to other everyday approaches. LEARN MORE

What Results Can I Expect?

Your voice coach will train you with Standard Neutral English.

The key focus of your course is to ‘soften’ your accent and make it sound less ‘broad’. You will also give attention to the features that create speech clarity. These two, when combined, will give you the very best end result. The ClearSpeak Method has been used by hundreds of students over the past 25 years. Our feedback is they become much more confident in their business and social dealings. By softening your regional accent, you can be assured others will understand you anywhere in the world.

Discover how our courses work for you

Learn the lowdown about your course and how it can help you reach your goals. Find out
  • How your course works
  • Your training materials
  • How to practise
  • Why use the ClearSpeak Method?
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Your Voice Coach Alison ‘Kimi’ Kimble

Alison is a practising speech pathologist and seasoned professional. Her special area of expertise is clarity of English accent and pronunciation. 

She is author of the ClearSpeak Method for English accent and pronunciation change. The Method is used in universities and colleges internationally. LEARN MORE

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