Pronunciation Clarity for Impaired Speech
Designed and tutored by professional speech pathologist Alison Kimble.
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Suitable for adults and teenagers (14+) unless there are related disabilities
Courses are completed entirely online through self-study at your own pace
Trains Standard Neutral English

British based (not American) pronunciation. LEARN MORE

Who Our Courses Are For

You have difficulty enunciating or co-ordinating muscle movement for speech. You have no particular language disability.

Courses are completed entirely online through self-study at your own pace.

You may have:

✓ Parkinson’s Disease
✓ Cluttered, rapid speech
✓ Mild to moderate hearing loss
✓ Dysarthria from a stroke or brain injury
✓ Dysarthria from a neuropathy

· You want a course you can custom-design to suit your speech needs
· You believe professional tutoring will help you reach your goals

Can Other Speech Disorders Benefit?

Stroke or brain injury with language impairment

  • Time-Online courses aim primarily at loss of speech clarity due to muscle weakness (dysarthria) or co-ordination. However, they are also an excellent resource if you have difficulty initiating words (apraxia) or word finding difficulty (aphasia) following stroke.
  • Constant ‘listen-and-repeat’ practice with the many hours of exercises can help restore vocabulary and articulation pathways.

Additional practice for any speech disorder

  • Use the exercises as an additional therapy resource.

Note that those with language impairment may need assistance navigating through their course.

A Flexible Course To
Suit Your Needs

Forget general courses that give all students the same speech sounds to study. Every speaker has a different set of problem sounds and issues.

With Time-Online, you may custom-design a course for your own individual speech sound errors or keep it simple. Choose the method that suits you best:

  1. Keep it simple with a Typical Error List
    • Select the UNIVERSAL IMPAIRED SPEECH LIST for overall speech improvement
    • Or, select the SOUND ERROR FOCUS LIST if you have just one or two common errors i.e. /th/ /r/ /s/ /l/ or /-ing/
  2. Identify your own personal errors with the short Screening Test
    • tailor your course to ensure your weakest sounds are included
  3. Pick your study sounds at random
    • ideal if you already know the sounds you need to study or a speech therapist has identified these for you

You’ll be guided every step of the way. Your masterclass videos and audio exercises will focus on the sounds you need to study.

Choose A Short Or Long Course

Foundation Course - 5 sounds

Recommended study time is 3+ weeks with access for 6 months

The focus here is on key sounds that will increase your English CLARITY. This will suit you if:

  • Your main concern is being understood clearly; you want to target a few key error sounds in your speech
  • You have no special wish to work on overall sound clarity
AU $49 50% Off AU$25

Expert Course - 15 sounds

Recommended study time is 8+ weeks with access for 6 months

The focus here is on English CLARITY and/or overall ACCENT CHANGE. This will suit you if your aim is:

  • Pronunciation that will be clearly understood and the best you can achieve
  • A fluent speech flow with attention to speech melody and the full range of sounds
AU $148 50% Off AU$74

Be independent In Your Speech Recovery

  • The masterclass videos show you how to make every speech sound
  • Loads of tips to get your mouth to move ‘where it needs to go’
  • Study with the hours of audio exercises covering words, phrases, sentences and story texts
  • Practise with these ‘listen-and-repeat’ exercises as often as you wish in your own time

Caring for someone with a speech disorder?

  • Leave them to practise online and know they are getting valuable stimulation you don’t have to provide yourself. This can give you both a welcome break!

Study with the ClearSpeak Method

  • Based on professional speech pathology principles to give a first-rate result
  •  Techniques tried and tested over 25 years
  • Benefit like the many hundreds of students who have trained successfully with the Method
  • A leader in its field
  • Recognised internationally and used in many universities. LEARN MORE

Discover how our courses work for you

Learn the lowdown about your course and how it can help you reach your goals. Find out
  • How your course works
  • Your training materials
  • How to practise
  • Why use the ClearSpeak Method?
…… and much more

Your Voice Coach Alison ‘Kimi’ Kimble

Alison is a practising speech pathologist and a seasoned professional. Her special area of expertise is clarity of English accent and pronunciation.

She has published in the field of Parkinson’s Disease speech and worked with a wide variety of co-ordination related impairments. She is author of the ClearSpeak Method for English pronunciation and accent change.


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