How a Course Works

Courses are designed for adults and students over 14 years of age.

There is a choice of two course lengths. If you’re a self-study student, decide which course you want before you go to register. Once signed up, you’ll be guided to select the sounds for your study Plan.

If studying with a Facilitator, they will select your course and study sounds for you. They will also guide you through every step of your study.

Choose a Short or Long Course

Foundation Course

– a short course to study 5 problem sounds and speech melody

Recommended study time is 3+ weeks with access for 6 months.

Your aim is to

  • master the key features that improve clarity
  • change a few consonant errors such as a ‘th’ an ‘r’ or ‘s’
  • give Time-Online a try just for fun!

Expert Course

– a long course to study 15 problem sounds and speech melody

Recommended study time is 8+ weeks with access for 6 months.

Your aim is to

  • change and improve overall accent. This can’t be achieved studying a small number of sounds.
  • bring about a comprehensive change in both clarity and accent (foreign or Regional English)
  • treat a speech impairment to improve pronunciation clarity (such as Parkinson’s Disease, hearing loss or other major speech disorder)

How to get started

Register and pay for the course you have selected. You will then be directed to the Student Workbook. This will guide you through your course in 14 Tasks.

Learn all about English sounds

  • Your first couple of Tasks explain all about consonants and vowels. English has many more vowels than you think!
  • When you reach Task 4, you are ready to choose the Sound Kits you will study in your course.

Find the sound errors you will study

Find the sound errors you will study One huge advantage of Time-Online courses is they are flexible to suit your needs. You can choose to keep it simple by selecting one of our standard Lists. Or, assess your own sound errors and select these for your course. There are 3 Methods:
  • A Typical Error List– The Simple Method
  • Select your accent from over 30 foreign and Regional English accents
  • If accent is not your concern, select our Universal List for either Modern Elocution or Impaired Speech.
  • Prefer to find your own specific errors?- Use the Screening Test Method
Record yourself with the test sentences and story text. Compare these with the voice coach recordings and identify all sounds that are ‘different’.
  • Already know the sounds to study?– Use the Random Method
Select any sounds you wish. That is, consonants or vowels for either course. Trainer creating a course for students? – Use the Screening Test  to assess specific needs or buy the professional ClearSpeak Adult Pronunciation Test as an extra resource. Learn more about Training or guiding others.

Time to learn

  • Keep following the step-by-step Tasks in your Student Workbook
  • View the masterclass videos for each sound and apply the fun and unique techniques along with Alison’s students
  • Practise with the many hours of listen-and-repeat audio exercises in your Sound Kits
  • Draw on our library of over 50 Advanced Exercises for problem issues
  • Aim to spend a few days to one week studying each new sound

    Learn more about your Course materials

Track your progress

  • Record your success with the Before and After course text
  • Use the special Review Text for each sound to check ongoing progress


  • This demonstrates your commitment to improving your spoken speech quality
  • Share your achievement with friends and work prospects

Keen to Sign up?

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