Training or Guiding Others

Time-Online is perfect for speech and language trainers as well as non-expert helpers who facilitate others to improve their English.
The program is designed to be used by those with different levels
of expertise. The Facilitator Handbook tells you all you need to know.

How it works

As Facilitator, you are given a dashboard on the system. You invite students to join a class and you manage their study Plan from there. You select the sounds for their Plan using one of three methods: the Typical Error List for their language/concern, the Screening Test or make a random selection. You direct their activities at every step. Time-Online provides them with a Student Workbook along with learning tools and exercises.

Your Handbook has everything from how to put a group together to a schedule of what to do and when to do it. View the journey your students take at How a Course Works. Your role will be to guide them to complete each Task in their course. They do their study at home and meet up with you to practise their new skills and share tips that have helped them to learn.

Some ideas for Trainers

  • Coach private students or groups IRL or by Zoom. Time-Online courses are a resource to add value to your regular tutoring. They do not replace it.
  • As students effectively do the bulk of their study out of class, it leaves you free to add your own expert tutoring in a time effective manner; either in person or virtually. You charge your regular fee for all meetings as for any other training you provide.
  • Running courses that are largely self-study means you greatly increase the number of pronunciation students you are able to train per hour.
  • Why record hours of demo videos and ‘listen-and-repeat’ audio exercises yourself? Spare yourself this time-consuming task.
  • Students can view the many masterclass videos either with you or in their own time. They can view these again at home to refresh their memory and improve their practice. The result is a better training outcome for you both.

Some ideas for Non-Expert Facilitators

  • No experience of pronunciation or training is needed in order to guide others to use a Time-Online course.
  • Your own accent in English is unimportant as the voice coach provides the model.
  • Students train themselves in their own time and you provide a discussion forum for them to share their learning experience and assist each other. It’s no different to running an English conversation group but with a focus on speech sounds rather than grammar and language.
  • Adding pronunciation as an activity adds variety to their speaking experience. They will enjoy exchanging tips as much as sharing social chat with their fellow students.


Facilitators pay a once-only fee on registration. This gives you the Facilitator Handbook and ongoing access to Time-Online from your own dashboard.  You may renew your registration annually at no cost. 

A small Student Sign-up Fee is payable for each student who registers for a course. Importantly, your students pay their own course fee. This means there is no financial loss to you if they do not go ahead and register or complete a course.

Every step is conducted online and managed via your dashboard. Setting up a class is both quick and easy. 

Ready to sign up as a Facilitator?

Our Fair-Go Discount Option

Are you volunteering help for others? If so, you may be able to provide courses for your students for a nominal fee. These courses are available through a Not-for-profit organisation for disadvantaged migrants and refugees. LEARN MORE

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