Course Materials

What you get

Straight after registration, you open the Student Workbook. This will guide you through the 14 Tasks in your course. You’ll be given videos and loads of exercises for every sound you study.

Here is what you will find on your dashboard.

For Students

  • Student Workbook - Step by step guidance from finding your error sounds to working through the learning process and evaluating your final results
  • Perfect Pronunciation book - The reference textbook has everything you need to know about changing speech sounds
  • Masterclass Videos - See how other students learn your same errors in hours of masterclasses with expert trainer Alison Kimble
  • Sound Kits of exercises - A one-hour ‘listen-and-repeat’ audio and text file for every sound on your Program Plan
  • Advanced Exercises - Additional exercises for troublesome issues or that contrast a sound similar to your error sound
  • Review Texts - Track your progress with this series of Review Texts highlighting every English sound

View a sample of the audio exercises

For Trainers and Facilitators

  • Facilitator Handbook - Guides you step-by-step to assist others to use Time-Online, either as an experienced speech trainer or an untrained helper
  • Student Package - Gives you access to all items in your student’s course pack (except audio files)

Read on if you would like to know more.

More about your materials
1. Time-Online Student Workbook
This guides you through every step of your training journey in a series of 14 Tasks. It’s a companion to the Perfect Pronunciation textbook. Along the way, you can dip into the suggested textbook Readings if you wish. These give extra background but are not essential reading. You can simply skip over them and keep going. You will always be given a set of Key Points as a summary.

The first few Tasks tell you what you need to know about consonants and vowels. When you reach Task 4, you are ready to select the sound errors to go on your study Plan. See How a course works to learn more about this and the journey you will take through your course.
2. Perfect Pronunciation textbook

Written by expert Alison Kimble, this text contains everything you need to know to learn every English sound. You will be using the unique training techniques of the ClearSpeak Method®. Tried and tested with hundreds of students, these are based on solid speech pathology principles. You can try out the loads of images and visualisations to help you get your tongue and lips in precisely the right place.

The book comes with a three-hour DVD (or e-book audio file) of speech samples for every English sound; spoken in words, phrases and sentences. As a signed-up student, you can use these audio files for a quick sound check if you wish. However, you will have access to a complete Sound Kit of exercises for every sound on your Plan. Some study sounds come with two Kits.

3. Sound Kits of Exercises
There are 36 one-hour Sound Kits of exercise materials in the Time-Online Program. These cover every English sound and a number of sound pairs that are often confused.

There will be at least one Sound Kit for every sound on your Plan and you can download or stream these any time during your course. They are designed as ‘listen-and-repeat’ audio exercises with word texts, allowing you to check your speech against the model voice at every step. This active repetition is essential to bring about speech change. Each sound is repeated in a series of words, phrases, sentences and story texts with Alison as your voice coach.

A unique feature first published in the ClearSpeak Method is the use of ‘interrupted text repetition’. A story text is presented in 5 to 7 syllable word grabs (the human memory span) with no regard to meaningful grammatical boundaries. This focuses your attention on ‘sound sequences’ rather than on ‘meaningful language sequences’. It also highlights the need to learn intonation as an overall melody pattern in addition to the specific melody used on grammatical structures. Keep in mind that using an accent or sound flow fluently is something quite different from language and grammar ‘fluency’.

Where relevant, Sound Kits include special note sheets called Key Issues. These give extra background or help for making the sounds demonstrated in the sound video.
4. Advanced Exercises
The Sound Kits in your course come with several advanced exercises that focus on problems typically experienced with that sound. They may contrast two sounds that are easily confused, such as /l/ and /r/ or /w/ and /v/. There are around 50 of these exercises in the Time-Online library.
5. Review Texts

There is a Review Text for every sound on your Plan. These short texts are loaded with examples of the target sound and you use these to check your progress. Record yourself as you read the text and then listen back to evaluate your success.

6. Masterclass Video Series

It’s all very well watching an instruction video with a trainer telling you how to make an English sound. But what do you do if you still can’t get it right? We have the answer. Your course includes at least one masterclass video in every Sound Kit. Each are around one hour in length. Your coach demonstrates, in real time, how each sound is trained with real students. See how they learn through trial and error under her tutoring. Work along with them step by step and use her tips to correct your own mistakes.

You can stream these videos right now even if you are not enrolled for a course. Go Masterclass Videos in SHOP. You can always view one to see what you will be getting if you join us for a course.

Ongoing Access

The videos and all other training materials for your Plan are included in your Time-Online course fee. You get access to all materials online for the six months of your registration.  Many of the materials are downloadable.

At the end of your course, your videos will always be available for streaming through SHOP.  There is a total of 26 videos in the Masterclass series.

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