Audio Services

ClearSpeak provides top class location audio recording for film makers.
Our Focus

Although available for commercial hire at a professional level, our focus is on rendering services for aspiring film producers and those that could not normally afford such services. ClearSpeak is glad to provide this as a community service.
Some of those we assist are:

  • Charitable not-for-profit organisations
  • Volunteer or community groups such as choirs
  • Local council organisations that do not have budget for a worthy purpose
  • Aspiring film makers with zero or very low budget


Zaxcom professional audio recorders capable of recording up to sixteen wireless channels
  • Zaxcom professional wireless transmitters
  • Sanken COS-11D lavaliere microphones
  • Schoeps microphones
  • Ambient timecode slate and nanolockits

Audio Output

We work within the constraints of your audio recording location, providing the highest quality recordings possible for the location.

Recording format:

  • files are produced in polyphonic broadcast wav file format
  • each file may contain up to sixteen separate audio tracks

What you receive:

  • An electronic record of all recordings
  • File names that match those written on the slate
  • The name of the character recorded on each microphone
  • The scene and take to which that file relates (if applicable)

Audio With Film

We collaborate with film makers and can provide both video filming and audio. We are experienced in filming with the micro four thirds camera system and have a number of cameras and lenses we use primarily for recording voice, music ensembles and choral concerts.


Alison Kimble is available for either video or audio productions. She has extensive experience in making educational recordings, where speech clarity is a key requirement. Hear her voice in this Time-Online welcome video.


Weekdays are preferred but weekends and public holidays are possible with
sufficient advance notice. Willing to work on short projects anywhere in Australia or internationally.

For further details email Kent Fry at Contact Us. Select Audio Services as the

Experience and Technology

The recordings are created and managed by Kent Fry. He has over fifteen years
experience in small scale productions and will bring this to bear on your project.

All recordings are made on up-to-date, high quality equipment. He has an AFTRS audio certificate. Learn More